Thursday, March 15, 2012

this post brought to you by my 92* office.

On Monday, it was kind of still Winter. On Tuesday, it was most definitely Spring. The last two days, I'm pretty sure Summer rolled into the DC area. Since I work at a university, in one of the oldest buildings on campus, our air-conditioning is dependent upon an automatic system that turns everyone's A/C on, and everyone's A/C off. It has to be above a certain temperature for five days in order for the heat to turn off and switch to A/C.

Thankfully, the weather is super consistent in DC (can you feel the sarcasm?).

As I sat at my desk, increasingly delirious from the way-higher-than-is-safe temperature in the office (it should never be 20* warmer inside than it is outside. Seriously.), all I could think about was my favorite refresher on a hot day. I was feeling particularly lazy (it was the heat, I swear), so I didn't want to make anything complicated, but I definitely needed a cure for my near-heatstroke condition.

This is what I kept coming back to.

Ice Cold Water (serves 1)

16oz water
8 ice cubes

Drop ice cubes into a glass, and pour water into glass. Be sure to enjoy the crackling sound the ice makes as it begins to melt.

I told you I was delirious.

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Edit: the Boyfriend has brought it to my attention that it might, in fact, be ok sometimes if the indoor temperature was 20* higher than the outdoor temperature like, say, in the dead of winter. Touche, Boyfriend.