Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday reviewsday: cashion's eat place

Happy belated Mothers' Day! My family's not into big flashy celebrations, and while we do love brunch the other three members of my nuclear unit would rather play golf when the weather allows, so we opted for dinner to celebrate the wonderfullness that is my mother. 

After debating on where to eat, my parents picked Cashion's Eat Place, in Adams Morgan. My brother and I had never been, but I checked out the site beforehand and it looked right up my alley. Nicer-than-casual-but-not-quite-schmancy American food with a Mediterranean twist. Give me tzatziki any day and I'm a happy girl!

Our server (I believe her name was Katherine) was new but fabulous - very sweet, bubbly and attentive. Our table was near the window, which as you can see from the above picture, was fully open so we could enjoy the outdoors (without risking getting wet if it happened to rain). We started with a trio of olive oils and classic Mediterranean dips, served with their fresh rustic rolls. 

I apparently ordered really well, considering I snagged the last order of my appetizer and dessert. I was totally ok with making everyone around me jealous as I enjoyed my first course of lightly fried ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms (not pictured, because they were so good I forgot). They were somehow decadent but light at the same time, so I could still fully enjoy the rest of my meal. 

For my main course I was between the roasted goat with beans, tzatziki and fresh flatbread, or the halibut cooked in a caper lemon butter sauce served over potato puree with sauteed turnip greens on the side. I went with the halibut to stay on the lighter side, my brother got the goat, we tried each others' dishes, and called it even (although I think I won, as good as the goat was). The halibut was flaky and tender, and the lemony sauce provided just a bit of tang in each bite. The turnip greens were soft and garlicky, the perfect accompaniment to the fish. My mom had the soft shell crabs and my dad had the roast chicken, which, in addition to the two dishes my brother and I ordered, made up the four our waitress listed as the chef's specialties. We couldn't have been happier!

For dessert I ordered an apple-cherry tart with homemade ice cream on top, which was to die for. Since I ordered the last one available, I thought I owed it to all the jealous patrons to finish the dish even though I was starting to burst at the seams (remember the bread? I always forget about the bread). It was the perfect end to the evening. 

As fantastic as fresh regional ingredients are, it was a little odd to me that they were already out of a dish or two by the time we ordered just past 6:30 on an expectantly busy day. We got lucky by ordering right when we did, and could have been disappointed had we waited a few more minutes! I'd call that a minor detail though in the grand scheme of things, considering the rest of the meal was fantastic. If you're looking for somewhere to go for a nice dinner date and/or celebration, I'd highly recommend Cashion's!

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