Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tuesday reviewsday: trader joe's french onion soup

Tuesday Reviewsday is a review series, if you can call it that, that I like to write well, whenever I feel I have something worth sharing. As long as it's Tuesday. As far as I know, no one is paying me or persuading me to write these reviews. If you're trying to pay me, please let me know. I accept payment in free food and cookbooks. 


When we first moved to our new apartment, I was in need of food that would be quick and easy to prepare until we had a) time to do a proper grocery trip, b) space to store all the spoils from said trip, and 3) everything unpacked so we could actually cook.

Since we now live around the corner (!!!) from our local Trader Joe's, and I know they have a fantastic reputation for their prepared/frozen items, I figured I'd pick up a few odds and ends to stock the freezer. One of the first things that caught my eye was their frozen French onion soup, which sounded like a fabulous dinner for that night.

Of course, that was before I opened the box and realized that this soup was literally a frozen block of soup wrapped in plastic. Even if I had a dish to cook the soup in, I had no idea where to even begin looking. Box number 3? Box number 15392310? Sadly, the soup had to wait.

Finally, we found the perfect dishes (Le Creuset mini cocottes FTW!) and tried the soup. It was actually pretty good! Obviously it's no authentic French restaurant schmancy onion soup, but for a freezer dinner, and clocking in at just 210 calories for a serving, I was pretty happy. The only downside is that it took about an hour to prepare, between preheating the oven and baking (40 minute bake time!), but in TJ's defense it is microwaveable and we just don't have a microwave.

I would definitely recommend this soup! And maybe serve it with some roasted potatoes. Because everything is better with potatoes!

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