Friday, September 28, 2012

here's the scoop.

No, it's not about ice cream. Sorry!

As we progress further into Fall (!!!), it's been increasingly tough for me to snap decent photos with daylight that seems to be participating in some sort of cruel vanishing act.

Also, I started a new job a few weeks ago and have been busy. Super busy. This busy has leaked into weekend plans, too. Apologies for loving sleep more than writing blog entries (except not really, because I do love my sleep).

Also also, I'm MOVING! In about three weeks, I'll be living in an apartment with MORE LIGHT. Specifically, NATURAL LIGHT IN THE KITCHEN OMG. This means I won't have to trek food out to the living room in various stages of cooked, to take pictures on a white poster board in front of the balcony door, risking my safety and usefulness of appendages as I carry plates and pans straight from the oven. I can actually *gasp* take pictures in the kitchen. What a concept!

So basically, hang in there! My mood to bake increases exponentially in the Fall and Winter months, so I'm pretty sure your heads will explode (not literally though, I hope) with the rapid fire awesomeness coming from this site that will hopefully cause you to have permanent amnesia regarding my lack of postage for the last few months.

(Insert obligatory picture of ridiculously cute puppy here. Hi baby Chester!)

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  1. Seriously can't wait until you are back at 'em!!

    PS: I miss you!