Saturday, June 9, 2012

happy weekend!

Why go to the store, when you can pick your own fruit?

I swear, blueberries (and strawberries, and everything else really) are about a million times better straight off the plant. Take my word for it and go find the nearest farm. Seriously.

My favorite local (well if you consider a 45 minute drive local) farm is Homestead Farm, which has a great variety of fruits for picking throughout the season. This morning marked the opening of blueberry season, and we also picked up some strawberries (my absolute favorite fruit - possibly favorite food - ever, in the whole wide world). In a few weeks we'll be getting peaches and blackberries, which I'm pretty excited for! The fruit has so much more flavor than the stuff you get at the grocery store (hello, genetically modified fruit that looks perfect but tastes like flavored water), and if you pick it yourself, it's cheaper, too! Both berries ran us $2.49/lb which is a steal, if you think about the pints they're selling (about 8oz) for like $4.50 at the store. Totally winning.

Anyway. Look up your local farm and get thee to the nearest patch!

No, Homestead Farm did not pay me to write this, nor do they know about my blog. I just love them that much.

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